Our Programs

G initiated a Junior Forest Rangers academy at Horsh Beirut. Horsh Beirut, 250.000 m2 park, is more than 70 % of Beirut public green spaces. It is the largest green open space in Beirut. This program is an ongoing educational opportunity for young students. The Junior Forest Rangers (JFR) program engages participants in educational activities on Lebanon s forests and ways to preserve it

G, member of NAAEE (North American Association for Environmental Education has decided to expand environmental education by implementing an ongoing campaign in schools in Lebanon. The Campaign targets elementary level students and aims to turn more schools Green.

In 2012 G started implementing an ongoing paper, cans, and plastics recycling program in schools, universities, and other occasions. IGOP, G I Go Paper less, Plastic less and Can less initiative recycle all mega events of IGOP, aims to create an on going sustainable cycle for recycling in Lebanon. Lebanon is a country challenged with the management of its solid waste. In 2010, SWEEP classified Lebanon as a country at waste risk. Approximately 1.57 million tons of waste is being discarded every year 17% of which is associated with paper products (i.e. 266,900 tons) of Paper/ cardboard per year, 13% from

Gapple is a brand of refined and internationally certified organic apples created by G. G decided to empower organic apple farmers by educating and training them, facilitating their international certification, designing appealing packaging, and finally securing reliable distribution channels. Since 2011 Gapple had been supporting farmers. All Gapples are internationally certified by IstitutoMediterraneo di Certificazione (IMC) and are regularly tested at labs for bacteria and mold. On average Gapple sells 48% of Lebanese organic apple yearly production through CSR.

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